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So the Ugandan knuckles president called homosexuals "disgusting". That's a harsh stance but we cannot expect every place to globally embrace our own values when it comes to human rights. It is very sad but poignantly true.

What I think doesn't matter but for the record, I'm not anti-gay. Do I think the LGBT community has been infiltrated by crazies and bad actors? Of course,same with just about every other demographic. This is why I'm not entirely against gate-keeping if it is successful at keeping the bad people out!

Anyway,posted the below reply on the forum. It's "edited" because I'm not always the best speller nor perfect at trying to express my thoughts in a hastily written draft. Usually takes me awhile to "get there" so to speak.

I'll take the time to reiterate I'm seeing a "war of ideas" play out. It's become more about tribes,affiliations,and teams than it is about race or gender. I say that because I've seen trans-folks,women,gays,blacks,latinos,and asians called despicable bigoted slurs by their own merely because they had the audacity to come forward with a different opinion. If you don't tow the line you get left behind......That simple.

Atop that nasty divisive fractured layer is class favoritism. Study any wealthy family dynasty into politics,banking,or business and it is obvious they can practically kick puppies and drown nuns without ever facing repercussions. Not all successful people turn out rotten. There are quite a few good ones actually! But an overwhelming ambition for power, control,and attention does correlate to certain negative personality traits.

Obviously there is a group of 1%ers that want us fighting each other. That want us to hate each other. Divided we continue to fall and it's easier to take on fractured demoralized sub groups as opposed to a unified front. Worst of all,these particular 1%ers can identify as Democrat or Republican. (Spineless Republicans get called "republicans in name only" for a reason.)

The radicalized extreme part of the left has been a more useful pawn to the globalist elites lately but remember this was only allowed to happen because traitors within the silent majority either sold out or didn't fight back hard enough.


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