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Old man who never stopped loving "childish things". (Videogames,anime,horror,fantasy,etc.) Draws and sketches doodles of fluctuating quality and design from simple character concepts to collages and outright erotica. Play in my carnival of obscure dust!

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The only time my art gets "dicked" is when someone "favorites" it. I admit it's the ultimate irony and kind of hilarious! Suddenly I get all these low scores from ass-hats that don't even leave comments. So is it possible to despise a work while simultaneously loving the fuck out of it? I imagine the person who favs a piece of art sincerely enjoyed it but the trolls have to have their "reee" by pissing on all that positivity. Regardless I'm not quitting. Art is my therapy. Ya'll don't have to like what I do but I find it disingenuous I never get comments. Just seems like low tier haters that don't wanna get in trouble by posting actual asshole replies so they "down vote" instead. I mean you can bring up stuff I KNOW is whacked. Aka, I'm not the best at backgrounds and rarely draw them. Not all my hands or feet are perfect but I make the attempt and have gotten marginally better over the years. Maybe my penises look weird? Okay sure, I admit I don't have an innate fascination with male genitalia so my penises aren't perfect tens! Lastly I know a lot of my art has a left over "rough sketchy quality" even after the colors and shadows/lighting are added not everyone will take to. (But I like that "grit" as it shows the authentic work that went into each piece though I do some touch ups here and there.)

Yo, I'm sorry I can't live up to your fickle biases fam-a-lam! Believe me, I wish I was some hawt college co-ed cutie with a great rack or a bishounen looking boy-band man-lad too! Alas,cursed testosterone flows throw my wizard veins making me tall,bearded,and mean! I WILL hit you with my staff due to built up mid-life crisis frustrations if you don't remain 3 feet away at all times!

It really seems like today artists have "become" another product. Once a creative person gets famous their audience expects them to be appealing,charismatic,marketable,always gracious,always humble,and some sort of moralistic monolith for the community. Fuck that! I'm just a foul mouthed sinner stumbling in the dark like almost everyone else! Don't expect me to tell you something that will change your life forever. Don't expect me to be the dad you never had. I'll certainly treat you with decency,compassion,and respect but only so long as you do the same for me. By the way,if you look in my closet there will be a few skeletons there. Welcome to reality!