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Haven't gotten sick since this all started. Haven't seen a single fatal case of covid either. (No hospitals in my town over-flowing with fatally sick folks so we were fortunate.) I'm sure people have died of it all the same and I'm sure people have died from the vaccines as well. (Blood clots,allergic reactions,etc.)

If the vaccine "works perfectly" why are the vaccinated so worried about the non-vaxxed? They are "protected" after all. Why do the vaccinated even still get told to wear masks in certain areas? These are the questions I keep asking myself.

Do you want people to have blind faith in something that was rushed,that companies refuse to take liability for,and that was not even FDA approved? (On top of that we have been told already there's still a chance we can get covid 19 or spread it after taking the jab.)

My take? Research both sides of the argument but know this, the "mainstream media" does not care about you. Its' fact-checkers don't care about truth. Big pharma wants to get paid and all those with nepotistic connections to them want to get paid too. It's no "conspiracy". Just business. If you want to take the vaccine do so but at least do enough internet surfing to determine which one is best for you. Also, if you still do not want to take it that's fine too.

It's your life to do with as you want either way. I'll spare you the "guilt trips" "smug condescension" and snake-oil.

PS: Fantastic production values but I prefer art and entertaiment (No matter how terrible some of it is!) over self aggrandizing echo-chamber spewing propaganda.

I'm no animation guru but I can tell a lot of time and effort went into this. The end result is quality and class!

Love the passionate eye contact......

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Nice little puzzle game to de-stress with! I like the music jingles and the witch is easy on the eyes.

Diemorth responds:

Glad it met your expectations, I hope to bring more cool things in the future, thanks for playing! :3

I suck at keyboard controls when it comes to action platformers "but" this is pretty good. I like how the zombies and monsters take visual physical damage as they're shot and adding a "roll" along with the typical jump n shoot" was a good idea. Kinda reminds me of Contra & Castlevania. If those two ever "shagged" something like this would probably be their kid. lol. (Or if someone tried to make a side scrolling action driven Silent Hill game.) The soundtrack is pretty dope too.

alevgor responds:

Glad you liked it.

Bring the beats back!

KingCringe responds:

Tis my mission!

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(Shakes head condescendingly) Nerd! Besides,everyone knows Persona 4 is liek,SO MUCH BETTER,BRO!

Good voice range.......(Jizzed in my pants facual expression) Now I've complimented you....gonna need a clean up on aisle three!

Sure! I mean would I say no? lol.

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Ah, She Hulk how she should look! Hey mate,hope you're okay. Got your "support package" btw! (Y'know,from that "other site" we both haunt!) Someone said your profile cannot be accessed there but I understand when there's that feeling of being fed up with the internet and stepping back from it for awhile. Regardless,I appreciate ya!

CorrodedSoul responds:

Honestly i left minds because i'm not able to keep up with that and twitter post wise. hell I even forget to post here most of the time ;_;
I hope what I sent helps even if just a little bro!

Beefcake buff!

Ah yes,it's that time of year upon us! Headless Horseman always spooked me as a kid. Just imagining this imposing apparition atop a ghost-horse from hell throwing fiery jack-o-lanterns at me was enough to make me mess myself!

Armorwing responds:

He is always a really cool figure> Not to mention that maniacal laugh in the Disney short

Fool,chronicler,character concept carpenter,tale-spinner,and meme spitter! Social as a lizard,one quarter wizard!


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