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Big Dumb Uncle Ben's misadventures to political and social suicide!

Posted by nightsavior - May 26th, 2019


Yo,not that I'm popular enough for you read my blogs or anything but I just wanted to tell my homies I'll probably refrain from the forum section. Being a bit of an OCD jerk-off, I thirst for debating a wee too much and I know eventually I'm gonna write the wrong thing in the presence of the wrong mod and get canned! This would hurt not only me but the person who graciously scouted me so my work could occasionally show up in the art portal. Aka, I'm starting to figure out how the Newgrounds gears and cogs are interconnected. A very interesting system to say the least! Be all this is the case,most of my future ranting will end up on my blog and you're all free to comment or react as you wish.

Honestly, I don't like being abrasive or controversial but I guess in this day and age some of my opinions/stances are not the norm. Politics wise? My family was always strongly Democrat and so was I until the last 10 or so years where goal-posts were moved around so much I just didn't know where I was anymore. I learned being idealistic and being pragmatic/realistic could not always coexist in the same space. It's that conundrum where there are 50 kids and you want to be nice to them all but there's only 15 happy-meals to go around because someone made a clerical error. That is to say in life we don't always get to be the savior and the good guy for everyone no matter how much we long to be accepted and loved by those we meet. Heck, sometimes it's more beneficial to make someone mad or tell them something they don't want to hear. Even parents learn this lesson. (At least the ones that do their jobs raising children correctly.)

Since surpassing my more vanilla derp-pill days I've embraced such edgy philosophies as "Racism against white people is just as wrong as racism against everyone else!" , "While it would be great if we had the technology and infinite resources to save the world we actually do not so open borders is a bad idea!", "That's not hate speech that's a shit-post!", "Censorship is bad even when it's content that offends!," "Citizens having guns to protect themselves is a novel idea!" and the real doozy "There's a difference between illegal immigrants and those who go thru the proper procedures to become legal citizens!". Uh oh,we have a real "alt right degenerate" over here! (Wink,Wink)

Oh don't worry, I've butted heads with the fringe right too! I mean I'm still pro abortion because though I don't like it treated as a cheap form of birth control so hedonistic party-people can constantly evade responsibilities there are always cases where a woman or girl gets raped or a fetus is proven to be deformed and may risk the mother's life if it comes to term. I also don't believe in relocating all non-whites to reservation cities just so certain white supremacist boomers can have their eugenic paradise. Besides, by this point we're all Heinz 57s anyway so how much "purity" is actually left? (However, the left is better off abandoning the white guilt/white privilege narrative that probably in a round about way created more angry white people in the first place. Just saying!) Lastly the type of art I draw would get me labeled as a degenerate by those "heavenly" evangelical types!

I don't really have a dog in either race. Both sides have a few good ideas and both sides compromise those good ideas with radicalized rhetoric and dumb-ass extremist bullshit. Thus it's sad many consider me some sort of loon for coming to these conclusions.

Regardless I hope I can entertain some of you......just don't expect me to be some impossibly idealized polished Adonis you have in your head. I'm offensive, I've made mistakes,I've put up dank memes on certain social media aps you'd find to be sexist or racist, and I greet even friends with a middle-finger! Only a flesh sac filled with bones,meat,gas,cum,and blood here! If you want gold or platinum go down the street to the nearest pawn-shop!