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"Criticism" of isn't "hatred" of

Posted by nightsavior - 1 month ago

In his newest comedy act (Sticks And Stones) Dave Chapelle said the hardest thing to talk about was the LGBT+ community. He brought up both "cancel culture" (Holding people accountable for stupid yet harmless crap they tweeted or said years prior) and how you cannot really criticize the sacred "LGBT" without immediate backlash. (He was right!)

After debating with people on aspects of the LGBT I questioned it indeed seemed like the usual run-around. I gave "real examples" of things that seemed "wrong" (Allowing children to transition to another gender as young as 5, articles defending letting kids attend gay pride parades even with kinky shenanigans present,and how I feel about the amazing Desmond.) Keep in mind I'm not criticizing "being gay" or "being trans". My bigger beef is introducing certain aspects of the adult experience to children way before they're ready for it. For this I was given the usual run around and the usual "meh-meh-meh" about how straight CIS people are oh so privileged and that I'm "out of touch" and don't know what I'm talking about. Same types of people always seem to use the same tactics. I would have brought up many of my friends are in fact gay and trans but then I'd get accused of tokenism. (Social Justice is a game no one can win!)

Honestly before puberty I couldn't be bothered to think about my identity or sexuality. I splashed around in the creek behind my house and occasionally played with my Transformers, Voltron lions, or Star-Wars figurines. I suppose that's "typical boy behavior" but I simply engaged in things I thought were fun. I later took a shine to Jem And The Holograms and Sailormoon too but it didn't mean I suddenly decided to identify as a girl! So, what made my experience "different" from kids today? There didn't seem to be any weird propaganda separating kids into their own categories. There was no equivalent of "Queer kids stuff" (An actual channel targeted at children) or Bill Nye handing over his mic to a wannabe flamboyant pop star singing about "Butt-Stuff". If you think I'm just an outdated boomer for being concerned about all this,fine. Yet it's not really the content so much as "when" it gets introduced that irks me. I certainly think 14-15 year olds are ready to talk about sexual feelings,sexual preferences,and gender identity to a certain degree. 5-10 year olds? Er,not so much. Again, being a child is a whole different experience compared to being an adolescent. That's why in my time teachers waited to discuss certain topics until after puberty had already kicked in.

Another thing I noticed was an all out attack on masculinity. We've all seen it play out. If boys are hyperactive in class they're given ritalin to calm them down. (What the heck happened to recess?) Statistically girls now excel in school better than boys and this is based upon how the new curriculum has been structured. The suicide of young males is "also" at an all time high. The result? Many men and boys straight up withdraw from society and refuse to socialize and pursue relationships. Otherwise terms like "incel" and "mgtow" would not exist. I also noticed a subculture of young men who take estrogen pills to look more effeminate simply because even being a trap/fem-boy with an anime-girl voice can garner it's own fanbase and generate more instant likes and positive attention than being a normal regular guy. I'm actually a subscriber/follower of many of those people! They're just "playing the system" the best way they can and though it's not something I would do I certainly understand the psychology behind it. (Though I think anyone who does any kind of transitioning should ALWAYS talk to their doctors as altering one's natural body chemistry can come with health complications later on.) That and many of em are genuinely funny and talented!

Anyway, I'm done. I talked of length about most of these things in the forums only to be called "insecure". If that was true I would not even have brought it up in the first place. I do not think anything I've brought up here makes me a "bigot" and if anything I'm surprised so many people really have no idea what is going on around them. That must be quite the thick bubble. Regardless,it's not my job to pop it. Hopefully future blogs will be more lighthearted and much less about identity politics!

PS: "Eventually" I got some more rational and friendly people to respond. Just wanted to say I appreciated their participation immensely. Even if they didn't agree with me on everything they were still willing to engage me respectfully during the discussion!

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