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The Rotten Tomatoes Effect

Posted by nightsavior - 11 days ago


Just something that was on my noggin today. I notice that an increasing number of "good movies" get rated low by the mainstream critic score but get rated high by the audience score.

As artists we take flak for our opinions and personal beliefs. Separating the art from the artist seems harder today than ever before. We've entered this turbulent time of virtue signaling fervor and witch-hunting others over the stupidest and most baseless of accusations.


Chances are if someone rates you low yet refuses to express "why" they're just an asshole. Don't feel bad. "Maybe" you posted something somewhere they didn't like. "Maybe" they take issue with the subject matter that's your focus or they'd "love" your work if only you were another gender (And cuter) or your face wasn't so annoying! Doesn't matter,really. You're not beholden to bend knee to them if they will not even justify their score with actual critique.

Much akin to rotten tomatoes you must remember for every silent hater you probably have at least five silent admirers as well! And even if someone "does" post something whether or not it's relevant is up to interpretation. I "could" write a negative review about Alien, one of my favorite sci-fi horror films of all time if I "tried" hard enough,if I was that determined to paint it in a negative light despite the fact it's brilliant. I'm sure many bad reviews of Joker use verbosity and fancy yet relatable terminology that "seems" legitimate yet "most people" enjoyed it anyway and it has already exceeded expectations with its' opening numbers.

This is why we shouldn't be so tied up judging things via ratings and committees. See it yourself and make your own analysis! (Always "think" for yourself as well!)


"Naw meng, I just wanna watch a good movie then go home and eat some tendies!"



Comments (2)

That's because critics and certain people are so hung up in their own ideologies the idea of people straying from that pisses them off. Also there's nothing that sicken me more than watching people trying to force artists to censor what they don't approve of. These people can go fuck themselves.

I feel you,Garnet. I'm very "anti-establishment". Be it "big time elites" or just groups of people who gather under one banner whilst suddenly believing they have the right to tell everyone else what to do and how to behave. It's also odd because kids during my youth were "angry" and rebellious" but today many seem so passive and are so quick to trust the mainstream media or big companies if "they say the right things". It makes me worry because I think every young generation should be at least a little unruly. I'm not saying "all youth" today are sheeple but a sizable chunk of them are. Gen Z gives me hope though!

@Garnet-Frost @nightsavior Nah, it's more like a minority of people, mostly Millennials, who can't learn to think for themselves who buy into the mainstream media bullshit. There were times I use to believe in the mainstream media stories, but after they constantly lie and throw tantrums it reaches a point where I take everything they with skepticism.

Every generation has it's rebellious youth and I believe Gen Z is becoming that rebellion. What the mainstream media don't realize is when they constantly try to force people to believe them there's going to be a backlash. Right now that backlash being is the fact that majority of Americans are starting not to trust the mainstream media.

Jeh, there's a wise saying that's something along the lines of when someone squeezes too tightly what they're trying to hold onto it is merely pushed out from between their fingers. Likewise those who "cry wolf" dishonestly one too many times eventually are dismissed and ignored. You're right about a loud minority too. They seem bigger and more influential just because they're loud and up in our faces. Kinda like a "little dog" still trying to prove itself. lol. (More bark than bite....)