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Hard and Savage?

Posted by nightsavior - 1 month ago

So, back in the day "hard" was used to describe anyone who lived a tough life. Anyway, I'm watching this youtube vid. Just some random artist working on this really bad-ass tattoo looking design. As she fills in the impressive details painstakingly by hand she simultaneously describes this incident where she was at Walmart looking at plants when some guy every bit the stereotype of a ridiculous try-hard pimp began taking pictures of her assets with his mobile device. Eventually her boyfriend arrived and scared off "Pimp-God-Desperado" and his naughty i phone! The way the woman told the story it was supposed to be this harrowing experience and she very specifically used the words sexual assault. I had a brief disconnect when I realized not only did I not care but I found the situation "comical"! Don't get me wrong, any of us would feel awkward if some random dood snapped off a few pictures of our rear posteriors! But fam,it wasn't rape or even some nasty pervert grinding up on this woman. My mind was like "Oh,what will you do?! Some neet perverts on teh internetz are gonna fap looking at your shorty shorts and thong! Oh,the humanity!" I mean is this really what counts as a traumatic experience today? I have ex girlfriends online right now that have pictures of my dick. I mean I took those pictures for them of my own free will but just the thought of random anons seeing my painfully average cock doesn't fill me with a single iota of dread! Even if I saw comments like "Kinda small" or "He came how fast?" it would just make me laugh uncontrollably! Does this make me "savage" and "hard"? If so it's ironic as I always perceived myself as a boring motha fucka who lived a boring life!

Yeah, I had some fucked up things happen to me that may have messed up my head a bit but I was never a gang-banger,drug dealer,car thief,or even some dumb kid who got addicted to "the smack" for awhile. I was just an introverted metal-head bipolar emo asshole who liked to draw a lot as opposed to actually paying attention in class! I saw the ends and outs of a few mental wards when I had to be omitted for suicidal tendencies but that's a far cry from going to the state penitentiary. Additionally I've been homeless but nothing too terrible happened to me beyond having to deal with a few rude drivers shouting obscenities whilst cursing my very existence! My worst more recent experience? I had a meth-dealer living across from me in the adjacent apartment for awhile and the people who came around were all "shady" and smelled really terrible. I don't know how this guy got his place without a criminal background check but those few months were complete hell! Luckily he was such a terrible tenant that when the land lords did catch on he was "out" as fast as desert drought!

Anyway, all these posters recanted how "stunning and brave" she was for sharing her "terrifying brush with pimp-lord and his porn-tooth-snap-2000" and all I could do was roll my eyes. Posters continued to "ham it up" with such posts as "This video made me cry!" and "When I was such and such age THIS HORRIBLE THANG happened 2 ME!" Most of these "shared tales" just came off as bullshit lies and cries for attention. It's as everyone was competing in some sort of deranged victim pageant.

Regardless, I hate to seem so callous and cold. I can't help but to think I should have felt at least a pang of empathy but I ain't got "nothing"! Not a single tear to shed! I'm afraid I'm becoming a less charismatic less skilled Ron Swanson!

PS: In the youtuber's favor she is a great artist regardless of how I think about her "situation" that took place at Wally-world!