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Femininity and beauty are not "thottery".

Posted by nightsavior - 11 days ago


I'll say it,the "Thot-Wars" have gone too far. When I first heard that word it was deployed to describe a very particular kind of female with negative characteristics. Aka, a young pretty woman (Usually) who would use her beauty to beguile and manipulate orbiting men en masse to hand over money without offering a service in return beyond "Oh,look at my bare butt in these photos behind a donation pay-wall,tee-hee!". Sure, we always had models,cosplayers,and cam girls but they used to keep it professional, showcasing themselves in magazines or at least putting a lot of work into their costumes or cam acts so the audience at least got something of value out of it! Say what you will about a trained stripper for example but chances are she can at least dance and maybe even do pretty cool acrobatic feats on a pole! A thot by comparison simply wears sweaters with a boob window and tight yoga pants. What perplexes many of us is you can get PG-13 "sexy images" of women absolutely free on the internet if you're an artist in need of material. (Or just want to fap to something a bit more wholesome than straight up porn!) Twerking? Fuck, who "does not" twerk these days? Even children and grandmas have started to twerk thereby putting my boner reflex on constant life support! Twerking is NOT impressive! (This coming from a bonafide ass-man!)

But thottery was never about simply being attractive. The most infamous thots always were renowned for being cruel to their audiences and even abusive to their house pets. The streaming services they inhabit (Usually Twitch) let them get away with so much they became ever more greedy,decadent,and narcissistic. Alinity made it into the hall of cringe for marrying a Canadian guy just to attend University there then divorced him when she had no need for him anymore. She didn't even feign being upset. She very matter of factly let her audience know she was using the poor sap from the start. Other thots will lie about "being single" just to instill false hope in their horny young viewerships so they can milk even more donations. (For some reasons certain guys believe if they put enough money into a woman she will eventually become theirs. Boy are they in for some harsh life lessons!) Aka, no rational individual dislikes thots just because they're physically attractive. It is for a host of other reasons they have built up so many haters and notoriety.

Sadly "thot" is fast becoming the next "neck-beard" "nazi" misogynist" and "pedo". Aka,reduced to a character assassinating buzzword smear to throw at a female online just because she has "different opinions". I've noticed many of my favorite female content creators have had that word launched at them via metaphorical catapult many times and they are in no ways thots. These are women who do movie reviews,talk about video games,discuss anime,pursue creative endeavors,and have earned their "true geek" credentials long ago. Aka,they've been in the pit as long as the rest of us shunned losers and have put up with just as much flak! Unfortunately there are guys (And other jealous women) who equate thottery simply with having a "cute voice", putting forth a unique point of view, or "looking presentable" to the outside world. It's one thing to see stereotypical sjws and unreasonably rabid fanbases do it but when self labeled anti-sjws do it simultaneously it illustrates a "real problem" that's come out of the culture war. To advocate free speech means accepting people who do not always agree with us or whom may like certain kinds of entertainment we do not. This new brand of side choosing tribalism is a sick perversion to me personally and I'm so friggin tired of it!

Keep in mind a "thot" is not merely your little sister who likes My Little Pony more than Star-Wars. It is not the comic book reviewer being critical of your favorite comic book artist, the gamer who preferred another title over the one you tout as sacred,the drop dead gorgeous cashier also working at Hooters to make ends meet,the co-worker who has better genetics than you,the animator who makes cartoons that for some reason you disprove of, or the commentator with the super cutesy "so kawaii" voice that somehow infuriates you. "Thot" is a term designated for exceptionally nasty,back stabbing,manipulative,abusive,sadistic,egotistical,gold-digging,and heartless women who CONSTANTLY exhibit these traits via the most blatant and flamboyant self aggrandizing pageantry imaginable! (Another word for "thot" is "basic bitch". That may clear up some confusion!)

When people hate on women just for being healthy specimens of feminity I think of this excerpt from Brutal Legend about the first ones and the tainted coil..............



Comments (2)

The fact that you were able to honestly vocalize something this poignant during yet another stressful time of my own personal life while ending it with a clip from Brutal Legends... If I were able to read this a year or two ago, I'd remind myself that I basically feel more or less the same way about a lot of what's going on. This truly was a very alternative, yet wise observation. Plus, I like it when an underappreciated game from 10-11 years back is used in tandem w. an evocative message. Kinda like how I feel about NieR: Gestalt's story and music made me look forward to and appreciate it when I got to play NieR: Automata a couple years ago.

Nier was my rpg of that year. Some may call it a mish-mash or "Jack of all trades master of none" but it was one of the few games that touched me on a very personal level! Brutal Legend was awesome too and one of the few "open world games" I actually took to,mainly because I'm a metal-head and like that aesthetic. It's weird but Rockstar never "did it" for me beyond Bully and parts of San Andreas. But then something wonderfully odd like Deadly Premonition would come out with that same type of gameplay and I'd eat it up! Glad you appreciate my blogs,mate! I figure they can be a nice alternative for people not 100% into my art or those just wanting to read something entertaining when on the train or whatever!

@DoctorDRMNSFW @nightsavior Heck, even Swery, Yoko Taro and Hideaki Itsuno all ended up following me on Twitter.

I noticed that too,the creators of those games seem like really nice people! I love how Yoko Taro in particular encourages the lewding of his characters and collects rule 34 art of 2B! What a lovable mad lad! Swery has me excited as supposedly Deadly Premonition 2 is in the works....