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Wrapping up 2019 and a bit of 2020

Posted by nightsavior - 1 month ago

I have two other character art wrap ups then I'm done for awhile. Between this and my back log I still have plenty of art to show, though after I put up my last run of erotic illustrations certain folks might be disappointed "or" elated to realize that's the last of it for the time being! Granted, I noticed some of my lewd pieces were getting higher ratings but it was so erratic and with every 3 or 5 earned I'd get a 2 point "fuck you". I wouldn't mind this so much if people left constructive feedback. Hell,even trolling insults would let me know what's chapping so many hides! (Though I'd guess it would be something petty such as people who simply do not like the same sexual fetishes or that one rare time I lewded a character people worshiped as a sacred holy waifu!) Instead I have to deal with this ominous "mystery cabal" of haters! (Translation: A buncha randos who feel entitled enough to rate stuff yet are "too busy" to write helpful,insightful,or funny responses!) To them I offer a "Pewdiepie hiatus" out of forever! Which means they get a brief break from me but I will "eventually" go back to drawing lewd nasty smut just the way they despise it! I mean there are many female characters in my catalogue I have yet to desecrate! So MANY possibilities!

In the future I hope to work on some of my weaknesses such as the lack of backgrounds in current works and anatomy. I put down anatomy here because no matter how good I think I've gotten depicting the human body I've seen mistakes and realize I could do better. True, I rarely go for complete realism in the first place but that's never been a good excuse anyway. Will I succeed at these goals?! Probably,but very VERY slowly!

Another thing people probably overlook is my writing. Yes, most characters come with in depth background information and actual short stories! If you want to get to know one of my or Alex's ocs beyond that initial "This character looks cool or looks hawt" aesthetic on the surface there's plenty of deeper content to penetrate! (Innuendoes! I'm a genius!)