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Project Melody proving kindness is the key!

Posted by nightsavior - February 21st, 2020

Even in the geek community we worship the human form like the Greeks did! That is to say whether it's anime,comic books,or videogames I can confidently say most characters are attractive in some way. I used to not have a problem with this. In a world of super humans and eldritch horrors it stands to reason you'll live longer if you're in good shape! You're also going to have a hyped up metabolism if you fight world ending level threats everyday.

Still, when all our precious hobbies suddenly went mainstream I feel as if "normies" didn't understand why these characters were so appealing. Sure, I've seen many females cosplay as Chun Li,Wonder-woman,or Storm but I doubt they all deeply empathize with why we as nerds "truly" love them. Chun Li is caring,unrelenting as an Interpol agent, and at one point even helps run an orphanage. Wonder-woman is strong yet still demure, courageous yet simultaneously earnest. Storm often conquers her fears with fierce will-power and has always been one of X-men's better leaders. Sure, you can hit the gym,get a tan,and technically look as "hawt" as any of these fictional women but that doesn't mean you can imitate that special spark that gave these pop-cultural icons such loyal followers.

Recently "Project-Melody" exploded onto Chaturbate and rose up the rankings of most popular E-fap girl. You would think this would not be a big deal but apparently certain cam-girls got really pissed off someone in a VR suit with an anime avatar could snag more viewers. Curious I watched some of Melody's material and at first was a bit underwhelmed. Certainly as an artist I appreciated her design. (Very futuristic night-club noir mixed with Jem & the holograms and just a drop of cyber-punk dystopia!) But nothing she did was "amazing". Then it hit me. Melody was talking to her audience. She was laughing at their jokes and discussing everything from favorite anime to other more every-day trivialities. I know I'm going to seem hackneyed for typing this but "kindness" is something many people treasure. In this fucked up world of "social media" we are all put thru the meat grinder then scrutinized and judged both for our online histories along with any absurd "micro faults" silicon valley spun algorithms and anal retentive self proclaimed internet vigilantes and witch-hunters come up with out of the blue on a daily basis. So yeah, maybe it's pleasant to talk to someone who doesn't see us as degenerate freaks for our sexual fetishes or outright demands that we give her money because she's "so much better than we are". Melody is winning because she projects a personality that's equal parts fun tom-boy,optimistic nymphomaniac,best friend, and "awesome milf". In this cold nihilistic age where everyone is about themselves or out to shill for a fast buck Melody radiates a warm aura of nurture,familiarity,patience,acceptance,and sanctuary. She's the same kind of nostalgia as going to one of those much smaller and more old skool game cons,comic cons, or anime cons back in the day where it really was just us geeks and nerds and no one else!

If you are a "pretty cam girl" who feels insecure about losing your patrons to a virtual personality perhaps you should do some soul searching and ponder the following!

-Are you entitled to people's money?

No,you're not! While you certainly have the right to "ask" for money and "thank" anyone nice enough to fork over some cash the harsh truth is you're not a "superior being" entitled to the credits other people have earned thru their own sweat and toil.

-"But I work out to look this good!"

Yeah welp,no one is forcing you to do that at gun-point. If anything you should exercise for health reasons even if you do not have an audience to show off your assets to.

-"Why do trolls leave me mean comments?!"

That depends. Are you "nice" to your audience or do you treat them like shit? Do you have contempt for your audience and secretly despise them? (Because trust me,people will pick up on that after awhile.) Do you hurl your pets at the nearest wall with the same intensity as Captain America throwing his shield? If responses are souring there's usually legitimate reasons for that! (And this is why developing a nice personality is just as important as using your thigh-master!)

-We sacrifice our reputations and our bodies so YOU can get off!

Oh honey,do tell! Because I have access to free porn 24/7 and can draw my own waifus getting railed any way that gives me a raging erection! Aka,you are certainly not sacrificing yourselves for me! As for the guys and lesbian gals who "do" donate to you? You played with the box and "they" came. Again,you're not the victim,this was all your choosing! Also,how are you "sacrificing yourselves" eating healthily and working out? Last time I checked those were beneficial activities that prolonged your life spans! (Unless you're doing some hardcore heroin,meth,or crack to "ease your guilt" or "get a rush" in which case you should get clean and not go into something that secretly makes you feel bad about yourself in the first place. Duh!)

-Yas Queens slay FOREVER!

Not really......Melody already proves that as well as sex dolls,potential sex androids in the future,sexy holograms,and the friggin wall! (Because there ain't no one "human" whom looks young and beautiful forever!) Better learn some valuable practical "job skills" as well as "socializing skills" to fall back on during those lonelier and more difficult cat-lady years!