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Guns (Not as fun as buns but let's discuss!)

Posted by nightsavior - August 10th, 2022

Okay you activated my autism. Man there's a lot to unpack here.

At 7/25/22 01:10 AM, nightsavior wrote:
For those against gun ownership all I have to say is this. Would you prefer only police,the body guards of the wealthy,and acronym agencies have guns? Do you think the government will always act in accordance with helping its' citizens? That criminals will also obey gun restrictions? Surely something long buried in your subconscious must be telling you what a load of crap that is.

Do I trust the Wealthy to protect me? Fuck no. Do I trust the government to protect me? No but surprisingly we can fix that.

Ah the "criminals don't follow laws" argument. illegal guns don't come out of thin air they have to come from some where. They're often stolen from law abiding citizens or purchased legally in a different state before there used in a crime.

I can also use an automobile or cooking knife to kill someone. So,do we ban all cooking knives and all automobiles? Because it is not inanimate objects that are the problem but rather people whom are mentally ill. (Whom typically target gun-free zones thus exploiting anti-gun sentiments. Aka,they are cowards that go after the unarmed.)

Correct I can kill someone with a car or a knife however. I can't sit on top of a building with a knife or car and kill like 30 people. But with an ar15 I definitely can

There will never even be a 100% non-gun utopia. Even if every citizen handed in their guns the regimes,crooks,and authoritarians in control will "never" relinquish theirs. (Nor act in accordance with the same ever increasing regulations they place upon the commonwealth.)

I have no idea what you're arguing here but if you're arguing that citizens should be armed as a check on the government. That's a real terrible idea. An I dea that will getcha killed you need more than couple of small arms to even take on police units. Why don't you look up Shay's rebellion or (to a lesser extent) black panthers.

You know holding your LEO's accountable does wonders for keeping you safe from the government.

If you want to honestly address the problem perhaps it starts with more youth being depressed and angry from the ridiculously long lock-downs as well as "outrage mob cancel culture" that has found its' home on social media aps like Tik-Tok and Twitter. How many innocent people get their reputations destroyed by vicious gossip and unproven accusations "online"? How many people get their personal information doxed or lose a job over false allegations just because a company wants to save face in the public eye instead of sticking up for its' employees? More than you think by my wager.

Yeah mass shootings have been around way before covid

It's obvious this crisis is psychological and sociopolitical in nature. If a society is sick so to is its' people. Also ponder that "shootings" have only become much more frequent in the last 30 or so years. People owned guns before that and it was relatively more peaceful. This is a rather "new" recurring escalating pattern in the greater scheme of things.

No, no they haven't a certain man in a bell tower would disagree with you.


Got this lovely reply from the forums. Regardless, I normally would not even bother. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. "But" if you are curious, I do believe this is an important issue to debate so without further delay....

"Guns come from "somewhere" often by ill gotten means!"

+ Or people make guns once things get desperate enough. I also never implied criminal guns are not stolen. But typically the problem is these same criminals cross into "gun restriction zones" because they know they will have absolutely no opposition until police arrive. By then people are dead. I rather the teachers and security guards be strapped. (So long as they pass a psychological exam and are not ideologue wingnuts!)

+Gunz are more dangerous than cars or knives!"

With an automobile you can kill just as many people. Just wait for a parade or bicycle race/runner's race. As for a knife? At least people can "scatter",run,and find cover from a guy in a belltower. Now,imagine being on a subway train when some psychos hopped up on meth decide to go "Johnny homicidal maniac" with their army knives. I promise you that body count will still be high. That and there are folks that know how to make bombs with stuff you find in a kitchen or a janitor's closet. Additionally someone could poison water reservoirs that would catastrophically effect whole towns. You greatly underestimate human ingenuity.

+ "Hold Leos accountable!"

With what exactly? What do you do when DOJs and police are bought off by billionaires and the only people with armed protection are crooked elites and celebrities owned by crooked elites? Are you gonna stick flowers in their barrels? As for your argument that civilian firearms cannot hold up to the fire-arms wielded by police or organized crime that's just more reason for the citizenry to have less gun restrictions. When even the "common peasant" can take care of himself and his neighborhood then law-enforcement will not be as overburdened. At least when law enforcement works as it is intended to. Otherwise the system is already corrupt and the only way to change that is by resisting. Now,would you rather resist with unrestricted guns or without them?

+ "Mass shootings have been around before covid!"

The covid epidemic isn't remotely ancient history. It is practically yesterday. That does not mean it had no violent and otherwise tragic repercussions on the populace. Regardless,if you look into older records from previous decades dating back to the 40's all the way up to the 60's, 70's, and early 80's 'mass shootings" were barely an imprint on our collective conscious. Bad things happened but not on this level and they were not as widely reported on. (Reporting shootings on just about every news channel becomes an incentive for shooters to kill in the first place. They want the notoriety and fame. "Notice me senpai!".) There was an obvious escalation. Have you even lived long enough to see times change? I remember being shocked by the Columbine kids and the original LA riots due to the fact "nothing" of that magnitude was ever reported happening in my state or neighboring states. Then shortly after that such incidents were so commonly regurgitated on mainstream media many became desensitized to it.

(Whilst never addressing how mental health issues or the person's home-life played into it. Everything became about the current "scapegoat" of the times,whether it was "bad" music,videogames,or simply being of a particular political stripe.

And yes, the covid lock-down, social distancing protocols, and extended mask mandates caused depression and other psychological problems for many people. For those whom were already on a short fuse due to other accumulating struggles before the lock-down imagine how said people were effected for the almost 2+ years it has gone on in many places. Human beings are social creatures and "teh internet" is not ideal in providing us with all our social needs.)

+ "No,that dude in a bell-tower will disagree with you!"

Insane people often perceive themselves as sane. Let us not play the petty semantics game. I stand by what I said. A sick society creates sick people. To an extent we are responsible for our choices but statistics prove people that grow up neglected and bullied whilst their parents let the internet raise them have a higher probability to go awol. Same for people from broken one-parent homes,into drug use,whom were abused as children,or had to deal with poverty. A difficult life living under harsh or unfair conditions does not automatically make everyone within that particular bracket into a criminal but it certainly makes becoming a criminal a more tempting prospect!

I do not "want" us to need weapons. I wish we were so peaceful,loving,and civilized we could wholeheartedly trust our superiors and all our neighbors. But realistically we do not live in that reality nor would our human natures allow us to achieve it without thousands (If not millions) of years of evolution.

When I say "You are better of with functioning unrestricted fire-arms than without them!" it's not because I'm a violent maniac. It's because I'm a realist.


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