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Posted by nightsavior - June 20th, 2020


It's the good ship lifestyle!



Posted by nightsavior - June 18th, 2020

Monsters at home inside my soul

Monsters thrash and moan,I pay their toll.

You knew me when I was young and pure......

I've since done things I regret,of my intentions I'm unsure........

They come for me in the fog and rain......

Manifestations of lust and pain.......

Truly, it's myself I disdain.......

Everything so good "inside you"

You were always so sweet and demure.........

So kind to me but you are no longer here.......

Did you become one with the river?

Your touch so cold, I shiver...........

Did you become one with the flame?

Was it at you they cast their blame?

After you disappeared was it you I painted?

I wanted to be so deep inside you,my thoughts fevered and tainted......

Am I just an old man to you now as you stay forever young?

Am I just a leper on borrowed time, a corpse upon the pile to be flung?

Do you reach to me now to brush the last tears from my eyes.........

Oh Alessa, do you still see me as the shy boy whom none the less rested between your thighs......

Some may desecrate my body as a heretic for wanting you as mine......

It's true I'm a sinner yet to me you were no witch but rather an angel divine.....  

I saw you as a savior and a saint before they revised their religion to make you the mother of their deity.

Within the temple of my heart may you forever be strengthened and nurtured by my peity.....



Posted by nightsavior - June 8th, 2020


"I was with you bro........but why you wanna take away my hentai and games,yo? Because you think Jesus told you so?!

You ask why I don't just get a trad-wife? As if dating is not expensive and expectations are not ridiculous to the point I rather exit life!

Yup, I like my country and support our troops and cops too! But when you go on about ethnic cleansing or lizard people I wonder what is wrong with you!

It's fine you are religious,but when I disagree with you or draw my big titty girls why do you get so vicious?

I'm just trying to live and let live. When it comes to wanting to censor books or cartoons I don't have a single fuck to give!

You say you want to stop evil degenerates as if you are the inquisition. Yet all you seem to do is complain about the things you dislike in fiction.

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder. Instead of banning anime lolis why don't you go after real child molesters and speak truth to power?!

Yup,I agree the far left has gone to shit. But why do gays and transexuals make you have a fit?

Zoophilia and vore are nuts........but muh dude, I'm totally into hawt lady butts!

You are high on your steeple...to the point you see crowds but not individual people!

Don't accuse me of being a traitor,even the lefties treat me like I'm Darth Vader!

Why you gotta attack? Just because I said one time I might fuck a trap? Bruh it was

a joke,please chillax! (It's not gay if you say no homo! I'm gonna watch me some more Jo-Jo!)"


Posted by nightsavior - June 8th, 2020


"I don't like you anymore...You have opinions I personally abhor!

Time to start a war........TIME TO START A WAR.

I'm like Cloud Strife apart of Avalanche..... I'm the underdog punching up by torching your ranch!

I'm justified in my actions because my favorite celebrities and favorite news media pundits tell me I have the green light to go! Gonna disband the police so it is JUSTICE we can finally sow!

Painting my picture of you with broad strokes...... Gonna make you seem like Hitler and all those other villainous back-stage blokes!


You keep disagreeing on my favorite forum thread! Obviously you are FOR police brutality and should be shot DEAD!

America is corrupt ,all the professors I idolize tell me so! Breaking windows and burning buildings whilst high on blow!

I went to get groceries and a latte but the store was leveled to the ground! I scavenged the area but NOTHING was left to be found!

I whipped out my cell phone to get a connection..... Then I remembered we smashed up the local infrastructure to give ourselves a self righteous ego-erection!

Waiting in a bread line to get food but I'm just fine! A glorious revolution for all mankind!

Instead of punishing those responsible for bad things let's simply destroy all of western civilization! Surely we are not pawns being misdirected by mass misinformation!

I write my own story and I'm a fucking hero! If you don't stand with me you are an inferior zero!

Hey,why are they now coming for "me"? Did I not serve the cause loyally?! Fuck it,just START A WAR,START A WAR! Who needs safety and nice shit anymore?!

Lined up on the shooting range...... Why have my comrades become so deranged?

Bullet in my head, now I'm dead I'm FUCKING DEAD!"


Posted by nightsavior - June 7th, 2020


We live in a society! As such our innocence has been grinded away with divisive narratives,classism,racism,indoctrination,propaganda,a political divide maintained by unscrupulous opertunistic assholes,and ever growing divorce statistics. Perhaps that's why a game like Trials Of Mana is so precious! It takes you back to a time and a mindset where things were simpler and not every game strived to be dark,shocking, or related to current events thru a skewed one-sided lens just to subvert our expectations.

Put simply Trials Of Mana is a fun action rpg and a somewhat remake of Seiken Denetsu 3. (Which was the game that canonically came after the "original" Secret Of Mana in the west on the snes)

Instead of realism and "high fidelity super resolution" Trials Of Mana is distinctly more like a children's book or anime come to life,complete with bright colors,stylized visuals,and characters that are proud to be nostalgic idealistic fantasy tropes.

There's no attempt to tow the line with political correctness whilst simultaneously there's no attempt to be "edgy". The end result is very much something like George Kamitani's Dragon's Crown only in a fully 3D game with 3D models. (Aka,plenty of sexy eye-candy but minus copious amounts of swearing and copious amounts of gore!)

Regardless, you have 6 heroes to choose from but you can only compose your adventure party out of three of them. The story thereafter caters itself mainly around the three "chosen ones" with the left overs merely appearing in brief cameos. This along with a "game +" encourages multiple play-thrus. My first romp thru to completion was with Angela (A hawt sorceress), Kevin (A werewolf fighting monk), and Hawkeye (The typical suave thief whom later becomes a ninja). I quickly learned additional classes unlocked as I played. The first class change merely requires you to be a certain level but future classes require a special item along with being powerful enough. You get these items thru "rare seeds" you collect from fallen enemies/treasure chests and the more of them you invest into your alchemy chest the higher chances those seeds will turn into rare relics or quality goods.

Beyond that Trials Of Mana is like Diablo's lighthearted little sister who prefers listening to kawaii vocaloids over straight up hardcore Death-Metal! Aka, you freely cast spells and use you special abilities in real time via a selection wheel and there is an item wheel as well. Despite your enemies looking ridiculously "cute" or akin to oddly attractive monster waifus you'd like to breed with, the combat is satisfying,allowing you to easily string together combos and fire off your essential techniques in rapid succession. You could almost say the graceful flow of fights and utilizing every character to their full potential is a bit like a silky smooth beat em up but with the trappings of an rpg in which you obviously "level up" and equip better gear as you push forward. Along the twisting winding paths to your destinations you'll face screen filling bosses that look like they came from various Monstrous Compendiums. (Only with a lovable quirky vibe to them!) Most of them have multiple limbs/areas to attack and as expected there are weaknesses to exploit and "tricks" to master in order to snatch victory from the jaws of adversity.

Certain environments have hazards or traps but beyond that traversal is rather straightforward and each continent has its' own towns and themes. (Be it a winter theme,jungle theme,desert theme,or crystal caverns theme) "Eventually" a large tortoise with a snorkel and a familiar beloved winged mascot of the series (Flammie) will make travel between continents much easier. (Before that you're getting launched out of cannons,also a callback to the other mana games.)

While the overall plot is not "riveting" it still keeps you invested and there are rare moments of accidental earnest sincerity that can truly incite genuine emotions. It's no Tales Of Berseria by any stretch but I would not say the hero stories are as bland or as skippable as certain reviews made them out to be. The same is true of the voice acting and music which has a decent range between "Pretty darned good" as well as "Awkward yet endearing cheese".

Is Trials Of Mana 3 worth the price? I suppose that depends what you're looking for. It certainly is no "Witcher 3" but that is not what it is going for anyway. "If" you still enjoy nostalgic somewhat open-world action J-rpgs like Zelda, Tales Of franchise, and Y's then this is a pretty safe bet! If you want something more grim-dark where every action has a consequence (Why so serious?!) you probably will find TOM to be childish and a bit lacking in certain deeper and more innovative game conventions found in European/Western styled rpgs.


Posted by nightsavior - June 3rd, 2020


Recently we've seen a turn for the "grimdark wealismz". Every remake of a beloved classic is trying to be edgier,scarier,and more "relevant" with current year. We've seen this with updates for Final Fantasy 7 and both Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Nemesis. Don't get me wrong,fam. I'm itching to play those re-imagings,retcons,or whatever the popular kids are calling such re-visitations now but though they all look stunning I've likewise heard harrowing tales of cut content and very linear level design.

It was obvious I needed to break away from conventionality to get my groove on,play something a bit different but still grounded in what I liked about the titles already mentioned. I do love stories about corrupt corporations and apocalypses yet playing a game being heavy handed with these themes when we've went from a pandemic to friggin riots in real life was gonna bring me down.

Enter Sunset Overdrive and holy shit,it was like I popped the very best shrooms whilst simultaneously taking an adrenaline shot to my arm! Imagine Jill's scenario when an outbreak happens in her city only "this Jill" is a parkour ninja with wheelies on her shoes who can grind and glide gracefully on every surface imaginable whilst trying to to avoid the various mutants who want to tear her face off. (Also instead of Umbrella replace them with an energy drink conglomerate whose newest flavor has the fatal effect of turning most people into disgusting monsters whom have fused with various appliances,equipment, and junk around the neighborhood!)

Sunset Overdrive is for all intents and purposes a horror themed open world action adventure but instead of beating you over the head with a color palette that is 50 shades of grey and puke green it's bright,vibrant,splashed with rainbows,and its' various eccentric inhabitants are actually a rugged yet optimistic bunch constantly reminding you to have fun and that dying isn't the end of the world. (And each time you die you "resurrect" in a comical matter. You could very well be the jester of the time-lords!)

At the beginning you can customize your character and though the options are not as robust as say those found in Saint's Row 3 there's still more than enough choices to satisfy! Additionally as you accumulate weapons they are the "Dead Rising variety" from a gun that shoots ricocheting vinyl records to a launcher that fires exploding teddy bears. (Additionally there are "tower defense" sections where you can set down various traps including spinning blades and spring loaded platforms that launch enemies into orbit) Much like Vanquish you are expected to move around quickly,rolling along various surfaces in style at high velocity like a crazed rollerskating acrobatics as you simultaneously target and blast away at enemies. Indeed,playing this game like Resident Evil will get you killed as standing stationary on the ground is usually a death sentence,even when you have impressive fire-power.

Beyond that this is typical "open world fare". You'll do quests for various fractions and you'll spend money and make "amps" that grant your character more powers,upgrade your weapons,and get you into new stylish threads. The wacky survivors constantly break the 4th wall with competent voice acting and the music has a distinctly upbeat punk aesthetic that's in-your-face and anti-pc. Additionally it's nice to have yet another game that let's you "be you" as you can design your personal avatar to be as sexy or outlandish as you want!

It kind of broke my heart when I learned for whatever reason Sunset Override did not sell well. Supposedly it released during a slew of triple A releases and most gamers were simply more excited to play the Master-chief collection or the newest Assassin's creed at that time. It reminded me of when I bought Brutal Legend and loved it to death but later discovered it was a sleeper gem that was over-shadowed by some big publisher behemoths.

Regardless "so far" this is my favorite Insomniac game. It has done something drastically unique with the whole zombie apocalypse scenario where you feel as if you sneaked into a nostalgic theme park after closing time despite the immediate threats of The Od (Monsters),security robots, and The Scabs (raiders and rioters). If you are feeling depressed about all the civil unrest and political bickering Sunset Overdrive will put you in better spirits!



Posted by nightsavior - May 15th, 2020

Got a new high res monitor along with a better pc that previously belonged to my bestie. Holy crap,my eyes are still adjusting! Seeing "little flaws" in my art I was not able to see before and I noticed the shadows/darker colors I used are that much more "dark" and "rich" for what looks like a starker contrast than I was originally going for. Oh well, thems the breaks I guess! I'm still proud of my gallery and some of the challenges I've met or surpassed over time. Could "be better" but that's "always" going to be the case regardless!


Posted by nightsavior - May 4th, 2020

Just wanted to apologize for not accepting friend requests "right away". I just now saw a notification and when I clicked on it I realized up to three individuals had sent requests! No hard feelings,fam. I'm just a moron! If I ever seem aloof or exhibit strange behavior just remember you're dealing with a weeb,pervert,neet,and an introvert! Aka,never take it personal. The problem is likely "me" not you!



Posted by nightsavior - May 3rd, 2020

"Have the cravings,wish I did not.....

I'd be more at peace without that train of thought.....

Biological imperative corrupted with fetish and vice.....

What was once simple complicated beyond sound advice....

Euphoria followed by awkward emptiness with each release....

Even growing older does not cause the yearnings to cease....

Want to love,but do not know how........

Each attempted relationship another broken vow......

Me,I'm adrift......

Just.another soul lost in the rift...........

Animal yet "not" an animal..........

Wanting meaning but finding nothing substantial......

Beaten down and tired of the game......

Want to retire with no further false hopes nor any shame.........

Deeper feelings replaced by a numb void.....

Of a goal or set direction I am devoid......"


Posted by nightsavior - April 30th, 2020


Played the demo to Trials Of Mana and fell in love. I like how they kept the brightly colored whimsical aesthetic intact as opposed to deciding to make it more "realistic" which more often or not is just a call to stifle creativity and throw burkas on all the female characters. Fortunately Angela is still sporting that hawt red skintight leotard and Reis looks just as stunning as ever! I also enjoyed the gameplay that's fully action based along with the satisfying "crunch" when the enemies you're hammering break down into comical tossed bones that's been a staple of that series since it started!

It's gonna be difficult to decide if I'm picking up Streets of rage 4 or Trials of mana. I might get both but that's only if more money carried over from this month than I initially thought.


I know all this seems like the shallow excited ramblings of a "consoomer" but it's either talk about that or how depressed I am due to the lock down and all the authoritarian power-grabbing I'm seeing across the globe. (Examples include people having to carry papers just to go to the grocery store, a batty woman flipping out on two cable workers saying they should socially distance themselves whilst rambling about how "5G" kills people, and a man literally being "forced" to test for covid 19 against his will as he was being forcefully held down.)

Frankly I'm done witth this. I don't know a single person in my city that is sick with the corona virus and youtube has been trying to censor "real doctors" who say the chance of dying from covid 19 are 0.003%. (Apologies if I put the decimal in the wrong place but regardless you're more likely to win the lottery than to croak from Corona chan!)

Call me crazy, but I rather not live in a socialist "utopia" where snitches are rewarded and you better have your papers just to do basic mundane routines.